Monday, March 13, 2006

First Day

I had my first day at OHSU today. It didn't really count as a work day, since it was all meeting people, doing the New Employee Orientation, taking tours, and the like. But I got my employee badge, which is an instant status symbol and lets me ride the free employee shuttle bus, which basically takes me door to door between home and work, which is really nice. I think this will be a great place to work. Everybody I met was really nice, helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic about where they work and what they do. It feels like a good culture and a positive work environment, so it should be fun. Tomorrow I'll get a bunch of actual job training, and after that I'll probably just get to make things up as I go along, since it's a brand-new position. Fun!

I got a call back from TriMet; I didn't get the Program Assistant position. It's a disappointment, since it would have paid better and included benefits, but I'm actually pretty happy staying with OHSU for now. I'm still going to apply for a couple of different graduate assistant positions for next year in the hopes of getting tuition remission and a monthly stipend, but for now at least I have a job. Hooray for that!

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