Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm so excited!

I must have uttered that phrase (very excitedly, of course) about a thousand times last weekend, while shoveling massive amounts of dirt around to help create the campus community garden. I have a garden now! I'm so excited! The community garden is located on a fairly large lot recently vacated by the destruction of an old dorm building. Given the price of real estate in downtown Portland, this has got to be the most expensive garden in the country! I don't know how long it will last as a garden before the school decides it wants to build a new dorm, but it's a garden for this year at least. And I have a plot! Hooray! Paul and I are actually sharing a double plot, so we can spread things out a bit and share the produce. So far we've planted five different kinds of tomatoes (we like tomatoes), two kinds of bell peppers, a jalapeƱo, two strawberries, a cucumber, a black zucchini, a row of little onions, two kinds of basil, and Chinese cabbage. Yesterday I bought two different pea starts, and we have a bunch more seeds to plant more peas, carrots (two kinds, all mine!), radishes, lettuces, some herbs, and sunflowers. Hooray for gardens! I'm so excited! :)