Saturday, September 03, 2005

Yay for friends and dancing!

Graham and I went to Friday Night Waltz last night, and I had a lovely time seeing some of my old Stanford dancing friends. Some of them knew I was coming (and made a special trip just to see me - how sweet!), but some of them were very surprised. It was lovely to dance again, though I desperately need new dance sneakers. Graham and I may be going out dance sneaker shopping at some point this weekend, which would be nice. After the dance I went out to Pizza My Heart with several other people, which I'd never done after dances when I actually lived here, so it was fun to finally get that experience. All in all, it was very fun to see everybody and dance with some of my good friends again, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Hooray for dancing and dancing friends! (By the way, at left with me are Neal and Dave. My feet are about a foot and a half off the ground.)

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