Sunday, September 11, 2005

Catching Up

Okay, I haven't posted for several days now, so I'm going to try to recap everything that's happened since my last post. Let's see....

Davis was fabulously fun. I love Quena's co-op, and her lovely co-op housemates, and her wonderfully playful (and not fat!) Lucia-cat. It was tremendously satisfying to be able to walk out the back door every morning and pick fresh figs for breakfast, and kumquats and grapes in the afternoon, and peppers and eggplants and tomatoes for dinner. That's the way I want to live! :) In other Davis adventures, we spent some time walking around campus, ate a scrumptious lunch at Sam's Mediterranean Restaurant, went to the Farmer's Market, and danced at the Merrie Pryanksters' practice on Thursday night. It was fun to do some energetic English dancing again.

Early Friday morning Quena walked me the three minutes to the train station, from whence I took a train to Richmond to meet Seth and spend the day with him. It was absolutely lovely to see him again, after something like four years. He took me rock climbing at a climbing gym, and I remembered how much I enjoy toproping in the gym. He started me on a really easy 5.3, but I graduated from that pretty fast, and I think I may have gotten all the way up to a 5.10a. I've been very sore for the last couple of days (forearms and shoulders especially), but it's a very good and satisfying kind of sore. I can't wait for the little climbing gym on campus (in an old racketball court) to open up again for fall quarter so I can go check it out.

Yesterday I went over to Dad and Betty Lue's house to see them and Grandma Jackie for lunch. I got a special bonus surprise for the day -- Hilarie and Eric brought their four-month-old twin daughters (my step-nieces) Lila and Harper over! It was very fun to meet them, and I got to feed and hold Lila and get her milky drool all over my shirt. :) They really are remarkably good babies, and it was fun to meet Eric and see Hilarie again as well. So that was a nice surprise. And it's always nice to see Dad and Betty Lue and Grandma Jackie.

Today I'm with Monee and Pa, having a lovely relaxing day. Monee and I went out to Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics this afternoon for some crafty shopping, and we're going to start her new beading project this afternoon. But for now they're engrossed in the tennis match, so I have time to catch up on my blog. And I think that's it for now! Tomorrow I go to Santa Cruz to see Jim, and hopefully my friend Sarah, and then I fly home again on Wednesday.

Oooh! One more fun piece of news! I get to have both Antonia and Quena come to visit me next week! Hooray!!! :)

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