Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Awareness and Intention

Okay, it's time for me to slow down. I need to do things with a little bit more awareness and intention, and really pay attention to what's going on. Since the events of the past weekend obviously weren't enough to tip me off that something needed to change in my life, I locked my keys in my room on my way out to class this morning. I knew as soon as I shut the door that my keys were placidly lying right on the corner of my desk where I'd left them the night before, and decided right there that I needed to pay more attention. Not that locking myself out is a huge deal; all I had to do was go to the front desk of the Montgomery building and get an RA to come let me in. (Fortunately, the guy knew me and didn't request ID, since I do not currently own a valid piece of identification.) So I didn't panic or anything. I just acknowledged to the universe that I had not been living with as much awareness and awakeness as I should, and that I would attempt to do better. For a start, I'm going to open my mind to inspiration and see if I can easily finish (well, start, really) this paper outline that's due in an hour and a half.

Oh yeah, and my angel card this morning was "Surrender."

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