Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Deluxe Model Two-Speed Hands-Free Vibrating Body Massager

Thank heaven for Goodwill, providing us with the necessary items for life.

Sadly, I did not purchase said necessary item; I did, however, find many other, though admittedly less novel, items to equip my new abode. Yes, in case you didn't know, I moved! If my new contact info hasn't reached you yet and you want it (and I know you), shoot me an email and I'll send it to you.

My new home is absolutely lovely - lots of windows, lots of trees outside the windows, a huge kitchen, and an attic! Even the name of the neighborhood is happy - Sunnyside! :) It's a longer bike ride to work (including a bridge over the river, which can get annoying when all the bikes pile up in a pack and you can't go at your own speed), but it's a good ride - downhill most of the way to work, so I don't get too sweaty, and uphill on the way home, which tires me out and assures a good night's sleep. Speaking of which, I managed to sleep in past 5:30 this morning for the first summer Saturday in two years, since I no longer have a farmers market directly outside my window. There are tradeoffs to that, of course - now I have to ride my bike to a farmers market, but that's not so bad. I can either ride downtown to the PSU market that I used to go to, or ride to NE to the Hollywood market, which I did today. It was an interesting ride - much more "scenic" than I had expected, definitely not a route that invites rushing to a destination. The market is in the Value Village parking lot, and a block from Trader Joe's, so not a bad location to get a few errands done on a Saturday morning.

That's it for now. Off to do more unpacking, then more errands, and hopefully studying for my econ final at some point this weekend! :) Here are some pictures of my new home, in case you're curious.

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Anonymous said...

What an exceptionally clean looking house! Even the attic is clean! Not the usual picture I have in my head when I think of an attic. The kitchen looks like there is plenty of room for a canning operation, if you ever got in the mood and had the time and energy. Congratulations on finding it. It sounds like the move is well worth the longer bike ride if you're getting a restful Saturday morning and not showing up all sweaty to work. (Of course, if you were in construction, showing up sweaty to work probably wouldn’t matter.)

Good luck on the econ final. I'm positive you will do well.

Contact info, of course I want it. (You know.) (