Sunday, February 16, 2003

Well, I had a somewhat more productive afternoon at the library today. There may be hope yet. The guy sitting next to me at the library yesterday said that he was a math major in college (and grad school, I think). He could see I was having problems and asked if he could see my book, out of curiosity about what I was struggling with. He looked at it for a moment and then asked if I'd had linear algebra. I said, "umm, no." He said, "Then this is the first time you've seen matrices and this and that and the other?" "Umm, yeah." He couldn't believe that I wasn't required to take linear algebra before diff eq. Of course, I have no idea what linear algebra is, but apparently I wouldn't be having such a hard time with diff eq if I'd had it. Oh, well. Despite my apparent lack of sufficient prerequisites, tocay I completed all of one problem set except for the parts I need the c.d. for, and a significant portion of the other. I just wish the library was open for more than 4 hours on Sundays -- I was on a roll! Of course, I was also starving.... :P So tonight I'll hopefully finish the rest of those problem sets, then use my time before my physics exam tomorrow morning to study for said exam. Yikes!

Kit discussion for Renegade Rose proved fruitful, and the basic kit (we're still ironing out the details) is pretty much what I'd wanted all along, so I'm pretty happy with it. :) We were debating between crossed baldricks and some sort of waistcoat, and the only thing everybody could agree on was to let everybody choose which they'd rather wear. Now we're debating between short and long waistcoats. :P If you want to see a few versions of the kit we're thinking about, you can check out Lev's sketches and Nancy's sketch. The first page also has the RR business card that Lev designed. We're going to take the basic rose on black background and use that as the design for a patch that will go on the baldrics and vests for the kit. I think it'll look really nice. Now we just have to work on getting everybody's kit together before our first gig at the Pagan Fair on March 22nd!

We had a very sweet surprise yesterday. Around mid-morning there was a knock on the door, and who should be standing on our doorstep but a smiling Phil, soaking wet from the pouring rain, panting from running through it, and holding a boquet of daffydowndillies and a Valentine's card! What a sweetheart! Yay for happy surprises!

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